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It has recently been announced that dual flush toilets are doing more harm than good. In general, water use has risen in the last decade to unprecedented levels. Here in the UK with the average individual is using as much as 150 litres per day. This figure is higher than our European counterparts in France (128L) and Germany (122L). We must work to reduce the amount we use to maintain supplies for future generations and continue to use water ‘on demand’ as we know it.

The leaky loos have been estimated to cause 400 million litres of water loss each day in the UK. This is astounding and something needs to be done. The dual flush was originally designed to help tackle unsustainable water use but with 1 in 10 households experiencing leaky appliances in their home, the families water use (approx. 350 litres) is being almost doubled1. This means a potential shortage of water supplies to your home, dried up rivers and therefore, biodiversity loss and higher bills!

The BBC Radio 4 Podcast Costing the Earth, which we highly recommend by the way, does inform us that the dual flush loo when working properly is saving us water 💦 However, the problem lies with the number of leaks which may be difficult to detect if you don’t know how to find it.

So how do I find a leak?

According to Water Safe UK you can detect a leaking toilet easily using toilet tissue! Here’s how:

  • Half an hour after a flush, wipe the back of the pan dry with toilet tissue.

  • Place a new, dry sheet of toilet tissue across the back of the pan.

  • Leave it in place for up to three hours without using the toilet, or overnight.

  • If the paper is wet or torn in the morning – you have a leaky loo.

Here at SWUB we urge everyone to urge everyone to check their toilet for leaks to help save water and cut down on your water bills during this tough time and forever!

  1. Figures taken from Costing the Earth podcast by BBC Radio 4

Written by Holly Hughes

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