Meet the team

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Hi I'm Yusra! I'm a Tv/Film Production assistant with a BA in Media Production. I joined UpRising's Environmental Leadership programme to learn more about the environment and what I could do to make a difference. I hope that through SWUB others can learn about just how important water is and how much we take it for granted.

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Hi I'm Pavan Bains and am studying a BSc in Environmental Science at UoB. I joined UpRising to find out how I could take steps to improve the environment and also to meet other activists in my local area. Through working in SWUB I've learnt that so much is possible when you have a great team.

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Hey I’m Holly and I am working for Practical Action an overseas development charity following the graduation from my masters degree in International Development. UpRising and SWUB have enabled me to access new opportunities, that wouldn’t have otherwise been so easily available to me.

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Hi I’m Angie, I currently work on managing projects and implementing innovation at a law firm. I joined UpRising in 2019 to learn more about the structure of power and how I could make more of a positive impact on social issues I really care about. Out of this, joining SWUB, I’ve loved working as a team to make real change. I’m specifically interested in how we can help businesses implement water sustainability in their strategy for the future.

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Hi I’m Sophie! I’m working at The Commitment, harnessing the collective power of voters to raise climate change and nature up their UK politician agenda. I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a MSc in Environment, Development and Politics. Through UpRising and SWUB I’ve learnt how to create change in my local area and loved meeting inspiring and likeminded people!

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Hi I’m Najma, I currently work in sales and marketing. Prior to this, I had volunteered at a number of NGOs and wanted to learn more about what I can do for the environment whilst developing professionally. I went to join Uprising in 2019 and got to work with like minded individuals on creating social change and developing as a leader. During my time at UpRising, I joined SWUB where we have placed a focus on implementing sustainable water practices in business.